wallputty fn
wallputty fn


Fine Finishing Material For Indoor And Outdoor Plastered Surface

BESTBUILD Wall Putty FN is a fine white cementitious finishing material for indoor and outdoor plastered surface. It fills the pores and provides white and smooth surface for painting. It also renders a durable water-resistant base that prevents paints from flaking.

  • White & Smooth Finish
  • Excellent Workability
  • Water-Resistant
  • Superior Bonding
  • 10% Higher Coverage
  • Good Breathability

Available in 1 kg and 40 kg packs.

  • Ideal for finishing and decorating all kinds of exterior and interior walls.
  • Can be applied on new and old walls (after removing the existing base coat).
  • Perfect for homes, bungalows, farmhouses, offices, malls, theatres, etc.
Property BESTBUILD Wall Putty
Tensile Adhesion at 14 days (N/mm2 ) >1
Compressive Strength at 28 days (N/mm2 ) >8
Initial Setting Time (min) >200
Final Setting Time (min) >500
Water Absorption Coefficient (kg/m2.H1/2 ) >1
Water Capillary Absorption at 24 hours (ml) 0.80
Water Retentivity (%) 0.80
Surface Preparation

Clean the surface with emery stone, putty blade or wire brush. When the surface is free from dust, grease and loose material, moisten the wall with sufficient quantity of clean water.

Application Method
  • 1. Mix BESTBUILD Wall Putty with 35 to 40% clean water by weight and continue mixing until a homogeneous lump-free paste of desired consistence is obtained.
  • 2. Mix only the quantity which can be applied within workable time.
  • 3. Apply the 1st coat uniformly on the moistened surface with the help of putty blade or trowel.
  • 4. When the 1st coat is dry, apply the 2nd coat with fresh material and allow it to dry completely.
  • 5. Use fine emery paper to remove application marks, if any.
Mixing Ratio 35-40% water by weight
Coverage Approximately 18 to 22 sqft/kg in double coat on smooth finish surface in optimum conditions